Thursday, 12 April 2012

LAHORE: TUESDAY/APRIL/10/2012: The Managing Director Lahore Stock Exchange, Aftab Ahmed Chaudhry was addressing to the editors and senior journalists of the newspapers. He said that the Demutualization of the Stock Exchanges will protect the investors, and it will increase the investment, consequently it will also strengthen the economy of the Country. The listing of S M E’s on the Stock Exchange will also strengthen the market.

Mr. Aftab said that the bill of Demutualization which is going to be passed would decrease the role of brokers while role and trust of the investors will increase. After this demutualization Number of directors would be ten (10) in which four (04) member directors and six (06) non-member directors, while one will be the Chief Executive. He further added that it is the credit of LSE that the Exchange has cancelled nine memberships in last fifteen months.

LSE also established an Investors Protection Fund. He also told about the decisions of LSE managemen