During the annual event praising excellence on the Romanian capital market the Bucharest Stock Exchange rewarded the top performers of 2023 on the capital market

Friday, 1 March 2024


  • At the BVB Awards 2024, 19 prizes were granted to the companies active on the stock market, intermediaries, investment and pension funds administrators, and journalists, for their achievements in the 2023 trading year.
  • This is the 11th edition of the BVB Awards when the Bucharest Stock Exchange is granting awards to the performers on the local stock market.
  • The winners of the BVB Awards 2024 are: AROBS Transilvania Software, Banca Transilvania, BENTO – 2B Intelligent Soft, BCR, BRD, BRK Financial Group, BT Asset Management, BT Capital Partners, Fondul Proprietatea, Hidroelectrica, Metropolitan Life Pensii Private, Ministerul Finantelor, NN Asigurari de Viata, OMV Petrom, Tradeville, TTS – Transport Trade Services  and the journalist Tibi Oprea.


Today, on the 11th edition of the BVB Awards, the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) has granted 19 awards to listed companies, brokerage companies, as well as to private pension and investment funds for their achievements in 2023. The event which spotlighted the performers of the local capital market in 2023 is organised following their achievements recorded in the previous year.

2023 was one of the best years in the history of Bucharest Stock Exchange, with records set on multiple levels. The capitalisation of listed companies has exceeded for the first time the RON 300 billion threshold. The total trading value on all markets, with all types of financial instruments, exceeded RON 38 billion (+58% over 2022), the average daily cash flow for all types of listed instruments, on both markets, reached RON 153 million (+60% over 2022), the main index, BET, rose by 32%, and BET-TR by 40%, the latter being the top performer in the region in 2023.  Last year, the 34 listings of shares and bonds attracted a record EUR 5.5 billion. A record value was also registered in the number of investors who, by the end of September reached 168,000. The excellent results of the 2023 stock exchange year are primarily reflected in the successful public listing offer of Hidroelectrica, which at RON 9.3 billion (EUR 1.8 billion) was the largest offer in Europe and the 4th largest in the world in 2023. All these achievements were made possible by the efforts of all the stakeholders on the Romanian capital market.

“After a very good 2023 for the Romanian capital market, with exceptional results on multiple levels, there has come the time to invite on the BVB Awards stage the top performers of the past trading year in order to publicly acknowledge their achievements. We are talking about listed companies, public institutions, intermediaries, institutional investors, journalists and all those who have made possible the development of our capital market at a high level and who, together with us and our projects, continue to demonstrate that the Romanian capital market fulfils its mission as a platform for financing the Romanian economy. Congratulations to all 2023 Capital Market Performers of the Year’,  said Radu Hanga, President of the Bucharest Stock Exchange.

“For the 11th time, during the annual Bucharest Stock Exchange event praising excellence on the capital market, we brought under the spotlight the companies that literally excelled during the 2023 trading year. 2023 was an extraordinary year, a performance primarily reflected in the success of the public listing offer of Hidroelectrica, a leader in electricity production in Romania. The credit for these results goes to the stakeholders of the capital market, and today we have seen on the BVB Awards stage companies that have distinguished themselves with notable results. We are glad to have such players in our capital market community and surely, together, we can take the Romanian capital market to the next level”, said Adrian Tanase, CEO of the Bucharest Stock Exchange

Of the 19 awards, one was chosen by public vote from 5th to 15th February 2023 for “Most Valued Capital Market Journalist 2023”. For the fourth time, the award for “Best communication with journalists of an issuer in 2023” was given by a jury of journalists covering the capital market, based on their experience and interaction with listed companies.


The 19 awards presented at this year’s BVB Awards are:



Listing of the Year 2023Hidroelectrica


Most traded share on the BVB regulated market in 2023Hidroelectrica


Most traded share on the AeRO market in 2023AROBS Transilvania Software


The highest return for investors of a company on BET-XT in 2023TTS – TRANSPORT TRADE SERVICES


The highest return for investors of a company on BET AeRO in 2023BENTO – 2B Intelligent Soft


The issuer with the largest increase in liquidity in 2023Fondul Proprietatea


Award for consistency in the FIDELIS government bond offeringsMinisterul Finantelor


Broker of the Year 2023BCR


Most active broker in the retail segment in the 2023 listingBRD


Broker of the Year on the AeRO market, in the shares segment in 2023TradeVille


Most active broker for increasing liquidity in 2023BRK Financial Group


Most active broker in the bonds segment in 2023BT Capital Partners


Most active issuer in the corporate bonds segment in 2023BCR


Award for the best ESG evaluation (Management score) in 2023OMV Petrom


Best performing Pillar II private pensions fund, 2013 – 2023 performanceFondul Metropolitan Life,  Administrator Metropolitan Life Pensii Private


Best performing Pillar III private pensions fund, 2013 – 2023 performanceFondul NN Activ, Administrator NN Asigurari de Viata


Best performing local investment fund in 2023FDI BT Maxim administrat de BT Asset Management S.A.I.


Best communication of an issuer with journalists in 2023 – Financial press award. The award was established by a jury of journalists covering the field of capital markets, based on their experience and interaction with listed companies.Banca Transilvania


Public Vote – The most appreciated journalist on the capital market in 2023Tibi Oprea, Ziarul Financiar


BVB Awards is a Bucharest Stock Exchange event held at the beginning of each year, in February. It showcases the public recognition of the achievements recorded in the capital market in the previous year. Initially organised in 2013, the event is purposed to bring before the community shaped around the Romanian capital market the excellent performances recorded by listed companies, brokerage companies as well as flagship private pension and investment funds which are active participants on the Romanian capital market. At its 11th edition, the event has once again brought together the representatives of the local capital market in order to spotlight the winning strategies of the previous year. The BVB Awards website – www.bvbawards.ro – lists the awards and the winners for 2023, photos from today’s event and details on previous editions.