EGX Chairman Thanks Dr. Mohamed Farid for His Efforts during Chairmanship of EGX

Tuesday, 30 August 2022


Mr. Rami El Dokkany, newly appointed Executive Chairman of The Egyptian Exchange (EGX), held a meeting with Dr. Mohamed Farid Saleh, Chairman of the Financial Regulatory Authority (FRA), in the presence of the two Vice Chairman of FRA; Mr. Ahmed ElShiekh and Dr. Islam Azam and the Vice Chairman of EGX; Mrs. Hebatallah ElSerafi.
Mr. ElDokany thanked Dr. Farid for his tireless efforts for the development of the Egyptian Capital Market during his chairmanship of EGX for the past 5 years stressing that the coming period will witness full coordination and cooperation between both parties on all fronts.  He added that this cooperation will have a positive impact on the market performance and the Egyptian economy at large.
ElDokkani said that EGX’s forthcoming strategy will follow on the footsteps of the previous management for the development and efficiency of the Egyptian Capital Market through continuous cooperation with all market parties to achieve the national strategy on the economic and social fronts as well as increase the competitiveness of the Egyptian Capital Market regionally.