EGX Dynamic & Youthful Financial Awareness Efforts

Tuesday, 4 October 2022


Rami El-Dokany, Executive Chairman of The Egyptian Exchange (EGX) participated in the celebration of EGX’s first Ambassadors’ training programs in the presence of Prof. Dr. Ismail Abdel Ghaffar, President of the Arab Academy for Science and Maritime Transport Technology (AASTMT), Mr. Ahmed Abdel Rahman, Vice President of the Financial Regulatory Authority (FRA) and a number of faculty members of the London School of Economics at the Academy in Cairo. He highlighted EGX’s efforts for spreading financial literacy among youth as one of the main pillars for the development and sustainability of EGX. 

Through the initiative that was launched during the second half of this year was after the participants attended specialized and intensive training programs in the tools of fundamental and technical analysis. The training also included information about its mechanisms and systems and was concluded by the simulation game Stock Riders

El-Dokany explained that organizing the EGX Ambassadors initiative is a new stage in our Financial Literacy program, characterized by vitality and cooperation between all related parties enabling it to reach all segments of society, especially high school students. This would in turn enhance their financial capabilities and allow youth value-added skills and accordingly edge in the labor market.

EGX chairman, added that this initiative attracts other universities, such as Faculty of Economics & Political Science – Cairo University, The British University and The American University in Cairo.

It is worth mentioning that EGX ambassadors is a training program that aims to train students from the specialization of investment and finance aimed to spreading financial awareness to students of pre-university education.