Ministers Ringing the Bell for the Launch of Educational Series for Children with Special Needs

Monday, 31 January 2022

Four ministers and a number of actors participated in the Ringing of Bell Ceremony opening of the trading session, on Sunday, launching EGX’s first cartoon story for children, “The Five Investors”, and the launch of the first educational book about basics of investment in “Braille” language.  These activities aim to raise the levels of awareness of new generations on the basics of savings and investment through the capital market, supporting the Egyptian government’s efforts to increase the rates of economic and financial inclusion.

H.E. Nabila Makram, Minister of State for Immigration and Expatriates’ Affairs, H.E. Dr. Tarek Shawki, Minister of Education and Technical Education, H.E. Dr. Nevin Al-Kabbaj, Minister of Industry and Trade, H.E. Dr. Hisham Tawfiq, Minister of Public Business Sector, Dr. Mohammed Farid, Executive Chairman of The Egyptian Exchange (EGX), Mohamed Nour, Egyptian Actor, and Egyptian TV Host Rami Radwan participated in the opening session.

The opening of the trading session presented the first batch of graduates of the educational program launched by EGX to teach school students the basics of investment and the role of financial markets, to ensure that their message is communicated to the same age segment.

Dr. Mohamed Farid Saleh, Executive Chairman of EGX, said that EGX celebrates today the launch of its four initiatives; the first is finishing the translation and printing of EGX’s educational booklets in Braille language, a promise that we made to enable all different groups to get knowledge.

The second initiative is having all EGX’s educational material publications, videos available on EGX social media channels to enable the general public with special needs to learn about the basics of investing in EGX, trading and cumulative savings.  As for the third initiatives, Dr. Farid said that the financial awareness program for schools and universities has already been launched for the first time in the history of the Egyptian Exchange.

Farid added that the fourth and most important initiative is the launch of a series of stories containing 5 educational booklets entitled “The Five Investors” to simply the idea of ownership through stocks, participation in the production process through the ownership of shares and other financial instruments, and investment through funds.  These booklets will be presented through the book fair and we hope that these booklets will be included in the curriculum of schools, especially in the primary and preparatory years.

He said that these efforts aim to enabling large sectors of society to identify investment opportunities that will be available through publicly or privately owned companies.  He stressed that companies engaged in various economic activities succeeded in their growth and expanding plans through listing, offering and trading on EGX.

Dr. Farid concluded his speech by noting that many economic studies have shown that economic growth rates are positively affected by rates of financial inclusion, and other studies have shown that financial culture and the ability to save early and for long periods of time is one of the most important elements that improve the conditions of the middle class.

From her part, H.E. Nabila Makram, Minister of State for Immigration and Expatriates’ Affairs, praised teaching children the basics of investing and saving in the financial markets and introducing them to the meaning of terms such as stocks, bonds, brokerage firms and securities, and other ways to simplify participation in the stock exchange, and involve various entities and ministries concerned, as well as actors to simplify the idea and urge young people and children to participate.

She applauded EGX’s role in raising awareness of the importance of simplifying different financial infromation, providing identification manuals to participate in EGX in a simplified way, through its website, and Dr. Mohamed Farid’s efforts to simplify financial knowledge.

H.E. Nabila Makram explained that a protocol of cooperation has been signed with EGX, to maximize the benefit of Egyptians abroad from investing in EGX.  In addition to simplifying information about various investment instruments in the Egyptian capital market, to encourage Egyptians abroad to invest.  EGX’s initiative to educate children will support the participation of Egyptian families abroad.  The Minister of Immigration confirmed that the ministry has received many inquiries from Egyptians abroad recently on means of investing and trading on EGX, one of the pillars of the Egyptian economy.

Dr. Tarek Shawky, Minister of Education and Technical Education, explained that curriculum on investing on the stock exchange will be available, as well as having these stories available as videos through our school channel, in addition to providing these curriculum in Braille language.  He stressed that these stories provided in a cartoon format are attractive educational methods that will build on the EGX’s efforts in spreading awareness.

He added that what we are witnessing today is a distinct and unprecedented step by launching a series of stories to educate children. Explaining that the ministry will work to review the formulation and language of the educational series in preparation for its addition to the curriculum of the years, namely the fifth and sixth grades of primary school to raise awareness of our students.

The Minister commended EGX’s efforts to raise the levels of awareness and knowledge of the community about the basics of investment and savings in EGX, stressing that this effort will be built on to develop it and enhance its dissemination.

H.E. Hisham Tawfik, Minister of Public Business Sector, said that educating youngsters on investing, and finance is one of the most important steps to keep pace with the digital transformation, and learn the calculated risk to launch investment methods, support economic growth efforts, and raise awareness and culture required for young people, praising the efforts of the EGX management.

Dr. Nevin El-Kabbaj, Minister of Social Solidarity, said that EGX has witnessed a renaissance in recent years in terms of spreading awareness and financial Literacy, achieving economic empowerment and social integration, the importance of balancing investment, consumption and saving, and ensuring that social and economic values are learned and implanted in children, to teach them this culture. Introducing them to the basics of trading and gaining sufficient knowledge.

The events witnessed honoring Mr. Khaled Gouda, the author of the “Five Investors” series, Ms. Salma El Hawary, cartoon characters artest, Mr. Mahmoud Khattab and Mr. Hisham Turk, from EGX, Mr. Reda Abdel Moneim and Mr. Ahmed El Maraghy, the translators to Braille language.

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