EGX Hosts 3rd NILEX Annual Day

Thursday, 19 July 2012

EGX held the 3rd annual conference for NILEX (Small & Mid Cap Stock Market in Egypt). This event is the third in a row after NLEX official launch in June 2010. The event started with a documentary about the benefits of getting listed in NILEX through the experience of some of the big listed companies. After which, Dr. Mohamed Omran, EGX chairman, elaborated about the rapid increase in NILEX Market cap despite the turbulences that faced the market in the past year. He stated that NILEX performance throughout this period of time came positive.

EGX Chairman mentioned that the regulation authorities organizing the market are doing their best to attract companies interested in being listed on NILEX, pointing out to the recent decision to extend the exemption period from registration fees for the new listed companies until the end of this year. Dr. Omran also said that the Institute of Financial Services will host several foreign experts in the coming period to hold a special business ses