EGX Hosts The 21st Annual African Securities Exchanges Association (ASEA) Conference

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

During the 21st Annual African Securities Exchanges Association (ASEA) Conference, hosted by EGX in Cairo over the period 20-21 November 2017, with the presence of African exchanges Chairmen and mangers from many large investment institutions, Mr. Mohamed Farid, EGX Chairman, has delivered the welcome remarks for the Conference confirming that Africa has a lot of opportunities and resources yet not fully exploited, as it’s expected that Africa will have the largest manpower by the year 2035 stating the African economy has multiplied 3 times in 2000, the expectations shows that the list of the biggest economies in the world will contain 3 African economies by the year 2050.
He added that the African continent needs reforms to grow and to show its capacities, confirming that many countries have transformed the obstacles to success.