EGX in collaboration with the Administrative Control Authority launch a Workshop for 20 African Stock Exchange

Tuesday, 26 March 2019

The Egyptian Exchange in collaboration with the national anti-corruption Academy launched a capacity building program for 25 participants from 20 African stock exchange on Monday, March 25 2019. The program is for four days and will conclude in March 28 2019. The aim of the program is to exchange information with African Stock Exchanges and to enhance their skills in issues of transparency and disclosure.
Mohamed Farid Saleh, Chairman of EGX, and Dr. Mohamed Hisham Zaalouk, General Manager, National Anti-corruption Academy welcomed the attending delegations in their opening speeches.
During the opening session Farid said that in collaboration with Egypt’s chairmanship to of the African Union, EGX is actively promoting cooperation and exchange of experiences with African stock exchanges to restore Egypt’s leading role in Africa’s capital markets. With anti-corruption Academy Manager said during his opening statement, that the training program is of high importance and contains participants from 20 African countries.
He added that this program not only tackles issues relating to the development and modernization of the capital markets but address how to combat corruption and means to enhance discipline and protection of markets and dealers proactively and raise the level of awareness in the market.
Dr. Zaalouk continued that enhancing the skills of leadership capacity development of capital markets in anti-corruption matters contributes to building a professional leading calibers in the African capital markets in a transparent investment.