EGX message from the Chairman

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Dear FEAS Member Exchanges’ Chairmen,
Thank you for your calls and emails to me as well as other team members at EGX that showed your kind support for the Egyptian Exchange (EGX) during this difficult period.
Things improved in the last couple of days and we hope stability will be restored in the near future. Our staff is fully back to business today with no problems.
We intend to resume trading on Sunday 13 February 2011. We are intentionally postponing trading till the banking sector is functioning more smoothly and more bank branches are available in order that custodians and member firms could be fully operational when we resume trading.
We are satisfied that the majority of member firms and custodians that we have contacted were not impacted by the recent disruptions and can resume their business once we start operations.
We will conduct a press conference including local and foreign media prior to resuming trading in order to inform all our customers and stakeholders, in detail, of EGX procedures in the coming period.
Thank you again for your support to the Egyptian Exchange (EGX).
Sincerely yours,
Dr. Khaled Serry
The Egyptian Exchange (EGX)