EGX Reactivates Its International Advisory Committee (IAC) to Raise the Efficiency and Competitiveness of the Egyptian Market

Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Mohamed Farid, EGX chairman headed the International Advisory Committee
(IAC) first meeting after reactivation. The members of the committee are
representatives of international financial institution namely; Dr. Anthony Miller,
Coordinator of the United Nations Sustainability Stock Exchange Initiative, Ms
Cynthia Steer, Global Investment Consultant, Ms. Deborah Fuhr, Managing
Partner and Co‐founder of ETFGI, Mr. Sherif Wahba, CEO, Goldman Sachs Egypt,
Mr. Tamer Bahgat, Financial Partnet Ashurst LLP and joined by Mr Hannes Takacs,
Associate Director, EBRD. The meeting was attended by EGX Board members and
The objective of the EGX IAC is to offer its advice and assistance to EGX to develop
and expand its role as a venue for efficient capital allocation, incremental savings
vehicle and to be an organization that embraces technological advancement to
achieve the role of financial and investment inclusive and avail a financing
platform for achieving sustainable development goals. This objective should be
achieved via adopting a dynamic and progressive reform
plan to place EGX as one of leading regional and emerging securities markets.
Farid said that the reactivation of the committee comes as part of EGX’s
management plan to be in direct communication with all related parties that can
be of added value to the development of the market. It is worth mentioning that
the International Advisory Committee was active from the year 1999 till 2008
comprising members from international robust institutions.