EGX signs MoU with Future University

Thursday, 2 September 2021


Dr. Mohamed Farid, Executive Chairman of the Egyptian Exchange, signed a memorandum of understanding with Dr. Abada Sarhan, President of Future University. The MoU is for the development and implementation of a comprehensive training programs for Future University students on securities market activities and introduces basics of investment and long-term cumulative savings through the Egyptian Exchange.   This is complementing to EGX’s efforts to raise levels of financial awareness and promote financial inclusion to benefit larger segments of society from EGX’s investment products and savings tools available.

Dr. Mohamed Farid, Executive Chairman of EGX, said that signing this MoU with Future University complements EGX’s efforts to raising the levels of society’s awareness of investment tools.  He stressed that capital markets play a crucial role for economic and social development through supporting potential companies’ growth financially and accordingly provide job opportunities which ultimately increases the country’s productivity. 

He added that this is among EGX’s plan to educate the youngsters on investing in EGX theoretically and practically where competitions will be organized through the simulation investing program at EGX.  He pointed out that raising financial lieracy among the young generation will ultimately enhancing liquidity and strengthening the financial culture base in Egypt.

Dr. Abada Sarhan, President of Future University, expressed his optimism, as it is one of the means of diversifying the experiences of young people and increase their knowledge of the activities of the financial market, which qualifies them to compete in the future and provide added value to the institutions in which they will work. 

A joint working groups between EGX and Future University will be formed to develop the mechanisms, controls and executive procedures necessary to achieve the objectives of the agreement and coordination and follow-up implementation steps of this MoU.