EGX Welcomes Nahr Al-Khair for Development & Agricultural Investment to its main market

Wednesday, 26 January 2022


The Egyptian Exchange (EGX) celebrated the company number 217 to its main board, Nahr Al-Khair for Development & Agricultural Investment Company. The company is to be traded under ISIN code KRDI.CA, making the total number of listed companies on EGX to 244.

A ringing of bell ceremony was held in celebration of this event in the presence of Dr. Mohamed Farid Saleh, Executive Chairman of EGX, Nahr Al-Khair Co. top management, and the marketing and offering team.

Trading on the security started today, Tuesday 25/1/2022 at the opening price of 10 PT per share, without price limits or temporary suspension during today’s session.

For his part, Dr. Mohamed Farid, Executive Chairman of Egyptian Exchange, said that commencing of trading on Nahr Al-Khair Company shares will benefit the sectors diversification of the market.  It provides diversity for different types of investors, especially in the agricultural sector.

He added that the listing and promotion division of EGX activities over the past 2 years to spread the awareness of listing advantages had a great impact on the market.  He stressed that this is a role EGX added to its strategy to increase the market size and its sectors diversify.

Mr. Ahmed El-Sayed, Managing Director of Nahr Al-Khair for Development & Agricultural Investment Company, said that his company will make use of the new funding for the development of the company and future expansions for the company’s sustainable growth.

He continued, “Thanks and appreciation is due to EGX Top management, especially the Listing and Promotion Department, for their support to fulfill all the requirements of the listing processes”.

He continued that his company works in a number of sectors, most important of which are reclamation and equipping lands with basic utilities for cultivation.