EGX’s Executive Chairman meets with the Coordination of Parties Youth and Politicians

Tuesday, 11 May 2021


Dr. Mohamed Farid Saleh, Executive Chairman of the Egyptian Exchange, met with members of the Coordination of Parties Youth to discuss means of cooperation to raise financial awareness of the fundamentals of investment in the Egyptian capital market as well as spreading financial literacy among the Egyptian society.

The coordination of parties youth delegation included 17 members, headed by Mr. Bilal Habash, Deputy Governor of Beni Suef, Professor Hanan Wajdi, member of the Coordinating Economic Committee and a number of members of the Coordination of the Egyptian Parliament, the Egyptian Senate and members of the Economic Committee and other committees within the coordination.

During the meeting, EGX’S Executive Chairman reviewed the bold Egyptian economic reform program adopted by the Egyptian government,that comprised of financial, monetary and structural reform and did not overlook the supporting policies for less fortunate families provided through Takaful & Karama program.  He stressed that this plan serves several objectives, among which is the stability of macroeconomic indicators and achieving stable growth rates as well as strengthening the role of the private sector.

He stressed that the financial market has a vital role not only in helping different economic entities to reach the financing needed for expansion, growth and start-up, but also being an stable platform for trading, investing and easy entry and exit.  

Farid added that EGX’s management is taking all necessary measures that contribute to the promotion of liquidity and stimulate trading through the launch of a broad media campaign to raise awareness and spread financial literacy.  Also through the development and launch of many products and financial mechanisms including short selling and market maker. Necessary measures for investment and trading were also taken, in parallel with the launch of a new program “Client relation management” including data of all companies eligible for listing which accordingly would provide a stronger supply side.