EGX’s Periodic Review of its Market Indices

Wednesday, 5 August 2020


EGX approved its indices rebalance after review from its Index Committee.  Amendments is to be applied starting from 4 August 2020.

According to the semiannual review decision, companies are to be reviewed according to their monthly value traded rather than the sum of value traded calculated bi-annually.  

EGX30 as well as EGX30 CAPPED – EGX30 TR (having the same constituents of EGX30) witnessed the exclusion of 5 companies with a new 5 companies abiding to the constituents of the index.  EGX50 EWI index witnessed the exclusion of 9 companies in return to be replaced by 9 new companies.  14 companies were excluded from EGX70 EWI index, 5 companies have included in EGX30 index. Finally EGX100 EWI witnessed exclusion of 9 companies with a new 9 companies.

The periodic review of sectoral indicators also resulted in the suspension of “Energy & Support Services” sector index as this index did not meet the criteria and methodology for the composition of sector indicators.

EGX conducts its index review semiannually; end of January to be active beginning of February and end of July to be active beginning of August. The reviews monitor the change in in accordance of every index criteria.