Equity Murabaha Offers New Financing Capacity – Tehran Stock Exchange

Wednesday, 3 May 2023


The new sukuk instrument will help financing of holding companies.

Murabaha sukuk of Shahr Financial Group was registered in the debt market of Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE) on 30 April 2023, in the amount of IRR 3,000 billion, with an annual interest rate of 21%, for purchasing of listed companies’ shares. The securities have four-year life cycle and quarterly payment from date of issue.
Murabaha sukuk is launched to finance in accordance with the Islamic rules and principles and is one of the new instruments that is able to diversify the market and help financing of companies, particularly investment and holding companies.
Comparing other securities in the market, Equity Murabaha are subject to lower legal requirements, and it results in shorter process of obtaining license.

News Link on TSE’s Website: https://tse.ir/en/news/newsPages/news_N72219.html