ETS Future Outlook

Monday, 13 February 2012


The past year demonstrated the cautious return of certainty to the commodity market. Diversity across our business is a key asset which implies enhancing the product line. Hence it enables us to maintain effectiveness and profitability during unpredictable macroeconomic cycles.

ETS carries on the work of the formation of regulatory standards of exchange trade in Kazakhstan in accordance with international practices. On behalf of the President’s administration of RK, ETS jointly with National Bank of the RK and Ministry of environment protection of the RK is involved in development of projects on the launch of gold as well as emission trading via our exchange.

ETS’ chairmanship in the Committee on the development of commodity markets promotes the formation of the unified exchange infrastructure, and also integrity of commodity markets within the bounds of Eurasian Economic Community (EurAsEC). MoreoverETS aims to put efforts and build the leading electronic venue for the procurement agency, particularly the government procurement. Hence the launch of regional indices on the strategically significant goods is a necessary process to be implemented in the nearest future.

Using our best practices we are able to create the favourable competitive environment for both consumers and sellers in pursuit of bringing the equal access for participants.