Exchange-online System In The Stock Market Has Been Introduced At BCSE

Monday, 29 June 2020


The EXCHANGE-ONLINE system provides trading information in the currency and stock market in real time.

The EXCHANGE-ONLINE system at the currency market provides:

– the possibility to view the market depth for selling/buying currency;

– the transactions register for the period up to 90 days;

– built-in calculator to compare on-exchange and over-the-counter market rates with bank charges included.


The EXCHANGE-ONLINE system in the stock market allows to monitor the online trading in the stock market and provides the following possibilities:

– to view the market depth for purchase/sale of securities;

– to use convenient filters by type of securities, maturity date, coupon rate and other indicators;

– to form own stock portfolio for monitoring.

The BCSE offers a 7 calendar days free test access for everyone who is interested in using the EXCHANGE-ONLINE system in the stock market.


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