Exchange Traded Note linked to the performance of NASDAQ 100 is listed on AIX

Thursday, 20 May 2021


Astana International Exchange (“AIX”, “Exchange”) is pleased to announce the launch of a new exchange-traded note (“ETN”, “Note”) in order to provide local retail investors access to the returns of NASDAQ 100 Index. iX NASDAQ 100 Equities represents a low-cost and tax-efficient way to invest in shares of global technology companies included in the NASDAQ 100 Index such as Apple, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Tesla and more.

Tim Bennett, CEO of AIX, stated:

“AIX continues to expand its range of securities for the local retail investors to enable them to invest in various indices and asset classes. By listing iX NASDAQ 100 Equities ETNs, AIX is following its commitment to develop the local retail investors base.”

ETNs are designed to provide investors access to the returns of various market benchmarks. iX NASDAQ 100 Equities ETNs are linked to the performance of Invesco QQQ Shares ETF.

Raiffeisenbank is appointed Custodian bank for the safekeeping of the underlying assets and CROWE Kazakhstan is appointed as auditor company.