Farewell Message of Mr. Aril Seren, Secretary General FEAS 1995-2010

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Mr. President, dear colleagues and friends,
This year, we are celebrating the 15th Anniversary of FEAS. I take great pride in having played an important role in the founding of FEAS. During the 15 years since its founding as the Secretary General of this institution, I have taken the responsibility for developing and improving the functioning of FEAS and its members and together with my co-workers at the FEAS Secretariat and my colleagues, succeeded in our endeavors at achieving higher standards for FEAS members.
I have been very satisfied with the work done by FEAS for its members through all these years. And now, I have reached a stage in my life when I have made the decision to step down from my post as the Secretary General of FEAS and spend my time and energy in the pursuit of socially responsible investments. I have enjoyed every moment of my work at FEAS, because of the willingness of every member to help each other and the environment of friendship and camaraderie.
I would like to take this opportunity to reiterate my appreciation and gratitude to all of my co-workers and colleagues at FEAS, I cannot possibly mention the names of all the people I wish to thank but, I want to especially thank my assistants, Rosalind Marshall, Sibel Yilmaz, Aydan Bal, Susan Gogus, Ege Adalioglu, my long time secretary Songul Yalim, and my driver Aydin Cinar who also helped us at FEAS; my wife, Serpil for her unending support and FEAS  Presidents, Tuncay Artun, Osman Birsen and Huseyin Erkan as well as Vice Presidents, Walid Asfour, Marinko Papuga, Evgeni Zografski, Stere Farmache, Ahmad Al Marhoon and especially the Working Committee Chairman, Nader Azar for his friendship and dedicated work and all the past and present members of the Task Forces, for all the work they have done, without which FEAS would not be where it is today.
I am confident and I rest assured that with the continued diligent work of  Mustafa Baltac1, the new Secretary General and all my colleagues  who will take the responsibility of guiding FEAS hereafter, we shall see FEAS achieving a great deal more for its members and I wish all of them success.
With these sentiments I say, Good Bye. 
But I’ll miss you all.