FEAS “Borsa City” Comic Strips is out now!

Monday, 27 February 2023


The Federation of Euro-Asian Stock Exchanges is excited to announce the release of the second series of “Borsa City” in a new format –
“Borsa City” Comic Strips.


Comic strips are a form of sequential art that use illustrations and captions or speech bubbles to tell a story. They are a popular and accessible medium that can convey a range of genres.

The purpose of “Borsa City” Comic Strips is to explain common terms in the Capital Market that were used in the first series of ‘Borsa City‘ in a way that is easy for young people and children to understand. This new series consists of 19 cards and 26 terms, each with its own story, making it an engaging and informative tool for learning that aims to increase financial literacy in a fun and accessible way.

The terms are described based on several resources, such as Investopedia, the United Nations, and FEAS.

Borsa City is available in English language, more languages to come in the future!