FEAS Marketing Toolkit Summary. Regulators’ Edition

Thursday, 10 September 2020


FEAS Secretariat has just published “FEAS Marketing Toolkit Summary: Regulator’s Edition” paper: the continuation of the previous “FEAS Marketing Toolkit Summary: For Stock Exchanges” paper.

This Marketing Toolkit is designed to support Capital Markets Regulatory Bodies (Regulators) to improve capital market visibility, promote strong Capital Market image in the country/region, and attract people to trust, work and invest in the capital market. The Marketing Toolkit includes an overview of marketing goals, as well as strategic priorities and the necessary action steps that will help meet the promotional and educational goals, which can also be considered as a part of financial literacy promotion. The Toolkit is a part of the previously published Marketing Toolkit Summary Report

If You have any questions or comments about the report, fill free to contact us: secretariat@feas.org

Stay Well, Stay Safe, We are all in this together!

Report Link: FEAS Marketing Toolkit Summary. Regulator’s Edition