FEAS Media Relations Workshop held in Istanbul, Turkey

Tuesday, 19 January 2010


FEAS Media Relations Workshop was held in Istanbul, Turkey on January 19th and 20th.  Attending members were.

Amman Stock Exchange
Belgrade Stock Exchange
Bucharest Stock Exchange
Central Registry Agency of Turkey
Iraq Stock Exchange
Istanbul Stock Exchange
Nasdaq OMX Armenia
Montenegro Stock Exchange
Muscat Securities Exchange  
Palestine Stock Exchange
Tehran Stock Exchange
TSPAKB (Dealer’s Association of Turkey)

Presenters Included:

Mr. Ferruh Altug , Eskisehir University
Mr. Deniz Bayramoglu, CNN Turkey
Ms. Nurdan Ucer, Flyfish New Media
Mr. Ben Holland, Bloomberg
Mr. Steven Mitchell, Tayburn
Ms. Sibel Yilmaz, WFE

gave presentations on;


Corporate Communications Management

Which conventional PR Materials are used in interacting with Media, Publications

WFE Communications /Brand strategy

New effective trends in reaching Media : News release distribution sites, newsrooms

Maximizing media strategy, corporate web sites

The Workshop continued with a sight visit to Bloomberg Television offices in Istanbul where presentations on Bloomberg corporate strategy and systems were conducted.

Also the leader of the task force Mr. Ahmed Al Hooti from Muscat Securities Market, directed a members discussion where the atending members discussed media relations in their countries and how the exchanges handled the problematic situations.

FEAS Workshops will continue with ESG Workshop and UNPRI Seminar, tomorrow.

For more information please contact FEAS Secretariat, secretariat@feas.org