FEAS Published New Paper “Delivering Financial Education” for Members only

Friday, 24 February 2023

The Federation of Euro-Asian Stock Exchanges published New Paper “Delivering Financial Education” for Members only.

There isn’t a single institution that is responsible for global financial education. Instead, it is a collective effort of various organizations and government bodies that work to promote financial literacy around the world.

As countries are involved in national financial education programs through governmental institutions there can be a feeling that capital market institutions, including stock exchanges have a limited scope of the action. Meanwhile, capital market institutions can play a valuable role in promoting financial education in their local markets and through their cross-border partners. By providing educational resources and tools, they can help individuals and families make informed financial decisions and build stronger financial futures.

The document includes practical action plan with the recommendations of actions to be done by stock exchanges, central depositories, other parties and related associations in capital market.