February 2019 Ended with an Increase of 8.7% in IFB

Tuesday, 5 March 2019

Winter is coming to an end with an Increase of 8.7% in Iran Fara Bourse overall index as IFX shot up 168.3 points (8.7%) to close at 2,100.3 on February 27 and market capitalization increased by 3.4% this February.

The Total number of trading days in February 2019 amounted to 18 days and the daily average volume of trades accounted for 824.9 million sheets worth 123.1 million dollars, down 7% and up 18% respectively from January 2019.

Moreover, overall 14,849 million sheets worth 2,215 million dollars of securities changed hands on February 2019 on IFB up 157% and 121% from February 2018.

Notably, value traded of the Listed Equity i.e. First and second markets, SME and Base market (A) amounted to US$ 504.1 million and value of trades for Unlisted Equity i.e. Base Market (B&C) accounted for US$ 441 million down 11% from Jan. 2019. This month total volume traded of the Listed Equities reached 7,391.05 million sheets.

Meanwhile, the total volume traded of the Listed securities or Structured Financial Products (i.e. ETFs, Mortgage Rights, Debt Market and Underwriting) reached 401.66 million sheets worth US$ 1,269 million indicating an increase in both value and volume as compared to February 2018.

Base Metals and Chemical Products are the top two sectors in terms of the value of trades in the equity market (excluding block trades) contributing 18% & 13% to the total amount (value of trades).

Highlights of the Month

The initial public offering of FKA Agriculture & Animal Husbandry Company (FKA) was in this February and each share of FKA priced at 8,300 rials.

Furthermore, in the very initial public offering which was the second IPO of 2019 and the twelfth one of the Iranian year, 1397, the total of 60M shares (20 percent) of FKA went public by Saba Tamin Brokerage company.