“Finstars Plus” will be held in Tehran International Exhibition Center

Thursday, 14 March 2019

“Finstars Plus” which is a sub-event of Finstars will be held in Tehran International Exhibition Center on 22-25 April 2019.

Iran Fara Bourse stock exchange (IFB) announced that event registration has begun today (March 12 – April 6) and Finstars Plus event is planned to be held along with FINEX 2019, the International Exhibition of Exchange, Bank & Insurance, in Tehran International Exhibition Center in this spring.

Notably, FINSTARS is an initiative of Iran Fara Bourse; an International Event, focusing on Start-ups with innovative ideas on the Financial Services Industry.

The main purpose of FINSTARS is to build collaborative partnerships among the Industry players, including Fintech startups, founders, established financial services and technology firms, venture capital funds, angel investors, financial institutions and regulators in order to scrutinize challenges and complications regarding the services they offer and to share their ideas about the recent and the future innovations in the ecosystem.
Finstars Plus will be offering mentoring, networking and financing courses this year with the participation of entrepreneurship and innovation activists.

Finstars Plus this year has two new program under the titles of “Public and private Business Consulting” and “the Gate to Finance” also.

Finally, investors in different areas such as blockacin, KYC, matching engines, electronic assemblies, crowdfunding, digital currencies, legal affairs, fraud detection, algorithmic transactions, ATO, STO, ‏RegTech، ‏InsureTech، ‏ShariaTech، ‏payment، ‏accounting، ‏financial literacy، ‏financial advisor، ‏robo-advisor، ‏cybersecurity، ‏auditing‏ and ‏fund administration‏ can register for the very event (Finasteras Plus) and benefit from the investing opportunities available.