First Half 2007 at a Glance

Thursday, 9 August 2007

In the first half of 2007 total turnover rocketed to stood at RSD 97.361 billion, only 3.222 billion less than the total 2006 turnover. Half-year number of transactions of 170.422 exceeded figures for the whole last year by 28.923 transactions, indicating surge of domestic individual investors, bringing the ease to foreign investors participation in trading to around 40%.

Total Market Cap soared from RSD 843.200,138 million in January to RSD 1.451.831,026 million at the end of June.

The BELEXline, successor of the BELEXfm, on the last trading day in June reached 4.456,21 pts, a 66,13% increase compared to the beginning of the year. The BELEX15 followed the same stream, starting at 1.688,09 pts climbed up to 2.835,52 pts on the last trading day in June, a 63,28% rise, regardless the correction both indexes had experienced during May and June. The BELEX15 and BELEXline indexes surged in April hitting all-time highs of 3.304,64 and 5.007,34 pts, respectively, on 3 May 2007, followed by their volatile movement during the next two mohts, with the predominant downward trend, losing more than 13% and 10% of their values, respectively.