FundNet: Fastest Way to Start an Investment Fund in Armenia

Friday, 25 May 2018

Starting an investment fund requires a lot of planning and forethought, from choosing the right
type of fund by its investment strategy, the right tax jurisdiction that can best suit the fund
strategy and investors, up to registering the fund with state agencies and then following up the
operational administration of the fund.
Nasdaq OMX Armenia offers its global resources and capabilities with a local team of experts
for investors and fund managers to start their investment fund in Armenia.
Armenia provides one of the most liberal and favorable investment and transparent tax
efficient regimes for managing collective investments via Armenia-based investment fund. The
factors that make Armenia an attractive jurisdiction for holding and managing assets include a
favorable tax regime for fund investors who pay only 0.01% on annual NAV and redeem units of
fund tax free, well-established financial infrastructure and international banking solutions,
efficient e-governance services for funds’ administrative operations, ability to setup a fund by a
non-resident fund manager and manage it remotely as well as relatively low operational costs.
Launched by Nasdaq OMX Armenia, FundNet currently helps submit all the documentation for
registering a non-public contractual investment fund online, ACIF (Armenian Contractual
Investment Fund), saving time and providing ease of registration for fund managers. More
importantly, ACIFs which are getting registered via Nasdaq OMX Armenia, can be multicurrency
and the investment contract between the manager and investors can be governed by any law
agreed within the management contract.
Nasdaq OMX Armenia also intends to expand the list of provided services in the scope of the
FundNet project with the provision of advisory on document preparation, funds’ operational
administration, online tracking of the fund registration status, etc.
For any inquiries and questions, please feel free to contact the FundNet team