Tuesday, 18 September 2018

On 10 September 2018, Clearstream Banking S.A. started offering settlement, custody and asset servicing for selected Georgian corporate bonds, which is in addition to the securities issued by the Government of Georgia and international financial institutions (the “IFIs”). This was made possible via Clearstream’s indirect link with JSC Bank of Georgia as a sub-custodian and cash correspondent. By offering new services in Georgia, Clearstream further enhances the access to the Georgian capital market for international investors and is the sole international central securities depository (the “ICSD”) to offer such services.
George Paresishvili, Chief Executive Officer of the Georgian Stock Exchange, commented: “Making Georgian corporate bonds eligible in Clearstream is a very significant development for the Georgian capital market and marks another milestone on the road towards making the Georgian market accessible to a much wider universe of foreign investors. With an already strong pipeline of new publicly listed corporate bond issues, we expect their number to grow even further following their inclusion in the Clearstream link.”