Mohammad Ali Shirazi


PhD in Finance, University of Tehran

MBA in Fiannce, Shaed University

Bsc in Industrial Management, Shid Beheshti University


At Present: CEO at Iran Fara Bourse

CEO and Board Member at OMID Investment Group

Vice Chair and CEO at Saba Tamin Investment

CEO at Barakat Pharma

CEO and Board Member at Alborz Investment Group

CEO at Etela Alborz Investment


Listing Board Member at Iran Fara Bourse and Tehran Stock Exchange

Audit Committee Member at Tehran Stock Exchange

Regulation And Legal Compliance Committee Member at Iran Fara Bourse and Tehran Stock Exchange

Financial Institutions and Markets lecturer at University of Tehran


“Identifying effective factors in the formation of holding companies and rank them from Iranian managers’ viewpoint” Scientific Research Journal – Daneshvar Journal, 2011.

“Designing an inference engine for an expert system to evaluate and select an investment fund based on the fund ‘s characteristics”, Raff’s theory approach, – Scientific research Journal – Journal of Investment Knowledge, 2021.

Translate and Publish “The Complete guide to Portfolio construction and management boo, by Snopek. Lukasz into the Persian language” – Publications of the Securities and Exchange Organization, 2017.