Mohammad Ali Shirazi


Address No.1, North Didar, Haghani Hwy, Tehran, Iran
Telephone +982142150218
Contact Person Maryam Ramezani

FEAS Membership Status Full member: Joined FEAS in 2013

Iran Fara Bourse Securities Exchange (IFB), one of the four Iranian Exchanges, operates under supervision of Securities and Exchange Organization (SEO), a member of IOSCO. IFB was established on November 12, 2008, to be a gate for majority of companies to enter the capital market and enhance their corporate governance and their businesses by providing easier listing requirements.
Providing IPO and Trading services to the listed companies, IFB sets a strategy to diversify the range of instruments to respond to every risk appetite in the market and every need for fund raising for the entire lifecycle of the companies, by securitizing assets and liabilities.
Nowadays, Iran Fara Bourse offers a wide range of products and services to the market; Listing, IPOs and Trading in different sections of Equity market as well as providing a platform for Unlisted Securities Trading (UTP). Also, In Structured Financial Products Market (SFP), various types of Sukuk, CDs, Mortgage Rights and Funds are available.
Additionally, IFB owns a market for Privatization of Government-linked Companies (GLCs), holds Mergers and Acquisitions as well as Intellectual Property listing. And recently few derivatives instrument were added to the list of securities at IFB which will be more and deeper in near future.

RegulatorSecurities and Exchange Organization
Instrument ListShare / Sukuk / Mortgage back Security/ Certificat of deposit / Housing Mortgage Right / ETF’s /  ETPF / Intelectual property / Islamic Treasury bill
Trading Hours/SessionsPre-opening Session08:30 – 09:00
Trading Session09:00 – 12:30
Order TypesLimit order (in use) / Market on opening order (not used) / Market order(not used) / Stop order(not used) / Market to limit order(not used)
Margin Buying/Short SellingNot Released Yet
Settlement TypesDVP
Settlement CycleFor equities (T+2) / For bonds and T-bills (T+1)
Settlement CurrencyIranan Rial
Cross-border TransactionsForeign investment is allowed in the capital market.
Cross-border LinksNON
Anti-money laundering RequirementsRules by Anti-money laundering unit and supreme council
IOSCO MembershipYes (ordinary member)

Working days
Country Iran
Time Zone GMT+4:30
Days Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday / Saturday / Sunday /