Half of Romania’s Stock Indices Rise by More Than 8% Since Start-2018

Friday, 2 March 2018

Half of Romania’s stock indices rose by more than 8% since the beginning of the year, and the BET, which shows the trend of the 13 most traded companies on the regulated market of the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB), rose by 8.49%.

The highest appreciation, 8.64%, was registered by the BET-NG, which shows the evolution of companies listed on the regulated market, which have as the main activity energy and related utilities.

The BET-BK, an index built to be used as a benchmark by fund managers and other institutional investors, increased by 6.69%.

The BET-XT (reflecting the evolution of prices of the 25 most traded companies on the BVB’s regulated market, including of the financial investment companies (SIFs), appreciated by 7.83%, and BET-TR (reflecting both the evolution of the prices of the component companies and the dividends offered by them) increased by 8.54% .

The BETPlus index, reflecting the trend of Romanian companies listed on the regulated market of the BVB, which meet the minimum selection criteria regarding liquidity and the value of the shares included in the free float, with the exception of the SIFs, has a plus of 8.2%.

The smallest increase, 6.18%, is recorded in the BET-FI, the SIF index.

Since the beginning of the year there have been 41 trading sessions, and the total value of the transactions is over 2.64 billion lei, with a daily average value of 64.9 million lei.