IFB celebrated the IPO of Pegah Gilan Co. today!

Thursday, 14 May 2020


IPO Price of Pegah Gilan Milk and Dairy Company was discovered at IRR 12057. 2,386,697 investors participated in this IPO to create a new record! 34 million shares equal 17% of the company shares offered through auction, the book building method, and another 6% -as earlier announced- will be deployed tomorrow to the Investment funds unit holders with IPO Price. Pegah Gilan Company was established in 1975 in “Rasht Industrial City” to produce Milk Packs for students. Nowadays, with more than 220 employees it serves not only the country but other neighboring countries by providing a wide range of dairy products. The company has honored with the Green industry reward from the Iran Department of Environment. Pegah Gilan has recently switched to green energy sources and it also developed green spaces in the residential areas. Agah Brokerage Firm played as IPO advisor and the IPO underwrote by Saba Jahad Brokerage Firm and Investment and Management Services Company of Civil Pension Fund.

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