IFX Rise More Than 3 Percent in January 2019

Thursday, 14 February 2019

At the end of January 2019 Iran Fara Bourse overall index, IFX, closed at 1,932, climbed 3.1% as compared to the previous month. The highest close level for the index (IFX) during the month was 2,003.5 as on 19th of January.

Overall 19,555 million sheets worth US$ 2,279 M of securities changed hands on January2019 on Iran Fara Bourse stock exchange up 6% and 2% respectively from December 2018 and up 113% and 65% as compared to January 2018.

Moreover, the total number of transactions executed during this month reached 2,993,000 compared to 1,143,000 trades for the previous year, increased by 162%.

The total number of trading days in January 2019 amounted to 22 days and the daily average volume of trades accounted for 888.9 million sheets worth US$103.6 million, posted a narrow increase of 6% & 1% respectively as compared to December 2018 with 23 trading days.

On the other hand, in IFB listed equity market, First and Second markets witnessed the transaction of 9,673 million shares worth US$ 762 million, up 208% and 217% respectively as compared to January 2018.

Meanwhile, the transaction of 9,375 million shares in Base Market (B&C), i.e. Unlisted Equity, worth US$ 494 million up 7% and 21% from December 2018.

Also, the total volume traded of the Listed securities or Structured Financial Products (i.e. ETFs, Mortgage Rights, Debt Market, and Underwriting) reached 448 million sheets worth US$ 1,014 million.

Finally, Base Metals and Chemical Products are the top two sectors in terms of the value of trades in the equity market (excluding block trades) contributing 18% & 13% to the total amount (value of trades) which is US$ 15,024 million.

Highlights of the Month

Iran Fara Bourse Second Market hosted the initial public offering of Dashte Khoramdareh Poultry and Livestock and Agro-Industrial Complex (Dashte Khoramdareh) in January which was the first IPO of 2019 and the eleventh IPO of the Iranian year, 1397.

Also, 10 trillion rials Manfa’ah Sukuk were sold in Iran Fara Bourse stock exchange to help finance oil projects.

According to a notice published on the IFB website, 10 million Manfa’ah bonds, each worth 1 million rials, were sold in IFB’s Structured Financial Products market.