IFX Rose 16% Year To Date

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

As summer starts, Iran Fara Bourse main index, IFX, gained about 28 points or 2% this week to end the trading week at 1269.5 points.

About 4,086 million securities valued at 14.245 billion rials changed hands in 311,000 transactions at IFB for the week indicating 51%, 14% and 31% weekly increase respectively.

Trading in IFB’s First and Second market accounted for 2,880 million shares worth 6,858 billion rials contributing 70% & 48% to the total equity turnover volume and value respectively.

Also traded during this week on Structured Financial Products market (comprised of ETF, Mortgage Right and Debt Market tradings) were a total of 89 million sheets valued at 6,005 billion rials. IFB Base market also hosted the trading of 1,117 million shares (31% weekly increase) worth 1,382 billion rials this week.

For the week ended June 29, Base Metals, Paper and Paper Products and Chemical Products are the top three sectors in terms of the value of trades in the equity market (excluding block trades) contributing 44%, 13% & 12% to the total amount (value of trades).