Important indicators and achievements of the Armenian Securities Exchange in 2023

Wednesday, 7 February 2024


Armenia Securities Exchange and Central Depository (AMX) has summarized data for 2023.  Activity was shown during the year, both in the equity market, as well as in the corporate and government bond markets. In particular, we had an increase in the capitalization of shares and market value of bonds, due to the fact that investors’ trust in securities has increased. Apart from that, the market became active due to the listing of a new share. It should also be noted that during the last three years, at least one share has been listed on the Armenia Securities Exchange annually, which shows the new opportunities and development of the market.


Armenia Securities Exchange

During the year, the trade value of equity reached more than 3,4 billion AMD. The market capitalization exceeded by 21.18% reaching more than 323 billion AMD with 1739 trades concluded.

The trade value of government bonds in 2023 reached more than 90 billion AMD. The market value of government bonds reached 2 trillion AMD, which exceeded the results of the previous year by 59%. A total of 549 trades have been concluded with treasury government bonds.

The market value of corporate bonds exceeded the results of the previous year by 19% reaching more than 491 billion AMD. Trade value in 2023 reached more than 45 billion AMD with 3489 trades concluded.

A number of REPO agreements has been almost 27 billion AMD. The total number of trades was 389.

As of the last day of 2023, 13 shares of 12 issuers were listed on the Armenia Securities Exchange. The number of government bonds circulating on the securities exchange was 35, and the number of corporate bonds was 111.

There were 66 government and corporate bonds listings and 1 share listing during the year.

It should also be noted that in 2023, after a long break, the first international bonds were listed on the Armenia Securities Exchange. In October, the nominal coupon bonds of the Eurasian Development Bank (EDB) were listed for the first time in the main (Abond) list of bonds of the Armenia Securities Exchange, and by the end of the year, the volume of transactions with EDB bonds amounted to more than 1 million dollars.

In 2023, a significant event for the Armenia Securities Exchange was the launch of the trading system – AMXTrader. The new trading system will allow market participants to develop and implement new types of exchange products and tools. The new system is an affordable and effective tool for the trade members, sponsored market access clients, and other market participants, as well as individuals to make transactions and trade in both primary and secondary markets at the same time directly via the trading platform.

In 2023, the basket REPO platform was also successfully launched, which allows participants to conclude one-day REPO transactions based on anonymous bids without the condition of prior deposit, in a continuous auction method, the execution of which takes place automatically after the end of the trading session with funds available in the exchange account of the transaction parties.


Central Depository of Armenia

In 2023, the active securities accounts in the Central Depository of Armenia amounted to 36,444, and their nominal value was more than 3.4 trillion AMD, which exceeded the previous year’s figure by 17.4%. The total number of registry contracts has been 3,273.

The volume of securities placements has been almost 380 billion AMD with 543 placement transactions. 179 transactions with a volume of 126 billion AMD were conducted through corporate actions.

During the year, 9,598 OTC transfers were made with a volume of more than 4 trillion AMD.

The growth of investors՛ foreign and local assets. The nominal value of securities of foreign assets is 12.2 billion EUR, which exceeds the previous year’s figure by 245%, and the local assets amounted to almost 3.4 trillion AMD.

The Central Depository of Armenia, being the funded pension administrator, has summarized important indicators. As of the last day of 2023, the number of accounts with pension assets was 808,210, and the net asset value of pension funds (NAV) was 799,162,766,323 AMD.

Along with all this, educational programs were actively continued in the AMX. During 2023, more than 300 undergraduate and graduate students from the best universities and colleges of Armenia were hosted at AMX to participate in seminars conducted by leading specialists of the Armenia Securities Exchange and Central Depository.

During 2023, the participation of our specialists as speakers and industry experts at the financial market’s ranking conferences, such as the World Forum of Central Securities Depositories – WFC 2023, The Network Forum, UK FinTech Week, etc. was quite active.


Promising 2024

We are proud to note that the Armenia Securities Exchange has successfully achieved its goals in 2023, which makes us approach the implementation of projects developed for 2024 with even greater responsibility. 2024 will be a year of innovation, bold business decisions, and active collaboration for the AMX team. Programs developed jointly with the Warsaw Stock Exchange will be launched, training of specialists in various divisions of the Warsaw Stock Exchange will continue with even greater energy, new financial instruments will be introduced, etc.

All this will contribute to the growth of interest in Armenia on the part of international investors and will encourage them to consider Armenia as a reliable, long-term, and stable country for investment.

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