Index Sample for Year 2008

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

The ASE has conducted a review of listed stocks at the ASE to decided the year 2008 sample for its General Price Index to reflect the developments of the trading activities of the listed companies to enhance the index ability to reflect the changes of the stocks prices. The companies are selected according to their trading activity during the last quarter for the year 2007. The new sample has been put into effect as of January 2nd, 2008. The constituents of the ASE General Price Index sample represent 100 companies of the most active companies according to their trading at the ASE  these companies constitute 90% of the total market capitalization of the ASE and 87% of the total trading value for the last quarter of the year 2007 and 80% of the total number of traded shares at the same period. The weight of the financial sector in the ASE General Price Index Weighted by Free Float index is 65.3%, the service sector weight is 16.9%, and the industrial sector is 17.8%