Interview of the BCSE Chairman of the Board Andrei Aukhimenia to ONT TV channel about the results of BCSE trading and development outlook for the current year

Saturday, 15 May 2021


Andrei Aukhimenia, the BCSE Chairman of the Board, answered questions regarding the results of the BCSE activities at the beginning of this year and the most important areas of development in 2021 during the TV program “Closer to Business” on the ONT channel.

Do you already have the final data on the trading volume for the first quarter of this year?

Yes, we have statistics for three months. Following the results of three months, the total volume in all segments of the organized exchange market amounted to more than BYN 9 billion. More than BYN 7 billion accounted for the currency market, almost a billion each – accounted for the securities and money market.

How many clients does the BCSE have?

The BCSE has many clients since our services cover various segments, such as currency, derivatives, money, and securities markets. In addition, the BCSE acts as a National Forex Center. Each trade participant executes orders of his direct clients. So, there are more than 60 thousand such clients on the BCSE.

Are there technical conditions for the independent access of individuals to the BCSE in the future without the intermediation of the broker?

We plan that the admission of individuals and legal entities that are not professional participants will be provided to the BCSE in the near future. Certain regulatory frameworks need to be changed. Technically, the BCSE is ready, although today we can serve individuals and legal entities directly, it is necessary to make certain changes to the regulatory legal acts of the Republic of Belarus.

Do you plan this year to further simplify the trading conditions on the stock exchange in order to increase the investment attractiveness?

Well, the fact is that there are, of course, many events planned, but we want to maintain a balance between risks and profitability, so as not to oversimplify the procedures of certain operations, which could lead to the fact that the instrument may become riskier and less reliable. Still, this issue should be resolved on the investor’s side. He must understand whether he has an appetite for risk. We will not simplify our procedures unnecessarily in order to attract just the maximum number of issuers to the securities or currency market. It is necessary to act steadily, systematically, without creating unnecessary turbulence in the market.

TV channel ONT