Interview with Mr. Vahan Kerobyan | Capital Market Talks 2021

Friday, 26 November 2021


On November 12th, 2021, the Federation of Euro-Asian Stock Exchanges (FEAS) held the very first “Capital Market Talks” event in Yerevan, Armenia.

Continuing its mission to promote collaboration of the capital markets of the Eurasian region, the Federation of Euro-Asian Stock Exchanges is delighted to host the first in-person gathering after a long break.

“Capital Market Talks” is an invitation-only closed event, with a special agenda of discussion. With the new initiative, FEAS would like to design in-person gathering alternatives to big conferences in a new world and give the floor to all participants for speaking. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the places are limited and are based only on invitations.

During the event, FEAS Secretariat spoke with the Minister at Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Armenia Mr. Vahan Kerobyan about the future development plans of the Armenian Capital Market, what to expect in 2022, and the development of stocks and bonds market.

The interview’s translation is below.

1. What are the plans for the Capital Market Development for the year 2022?

As you may know, this year ACBA Bank did a very successful IPO, raising around 7.5 billion AMD from around 5000 shareholders, where the minimum price paid by the investor was 60.000 AMD, which is for 4 stocks, and maximum number bought by the investor if I am not mistaken was 60.000 stocks, investment around 1 billion AMD. In general, we plan to develop this success next year and we hope to have more companies who will do an IPO  and this will allow more people to be involved in the process. The development program is very wide, we are moving forward step by step.

2. How do You see the cooperation with International Markets?

I think the representatives of Stock Exchanges themselves should communicate in this regard. We, as a representatives of the Government, should participate in this kind of events, to make sure that the Stock Exchanges have a strong and beneficial communications.

3. About the development of stocks and bonds markets.

I don’t think we can say that stocks and bonds markets are active now, we are working on its development. Both markets will be developed in the future. Also, taking into considerations, that this year around 400 companies published their audit reports, this is a big database which we can use to build the stocks and bonds markets.