Interview with Mr. Yasser Al-Alaily | EGID

Thursday, 18 February 2021


FEAS Secretariat spoke with the CEO of Egypt for Information Dissemination “EGID” Mr. Yasser Al-Alaily about EGID’s values and mission, main challenges that EGID faced during 22-years of operations, online voting solution “E-Magles”, and more. 

A joint venture between the Egyptian Exchange – EGX and NASDAQ OMX, EGID has been able to unite its local expertise with international expertise resulting in the provision of distinguished services. EGID provides its customers with all trading data of the trading session (value and volume) and market annoucements. It also offers any required fundemental and background data of any listed company on EGX. EGID also acts as software developer including a multi – task full range trading systems back office and front office; in addition to a number of systems that complement any trading engine of an exchange such as listing, disclosure, surveillance … EGID also operates as an Application Service Provider (ASP) through hosting brokerage firms’ servers. EGID’s services are provided to brokerage companies, data vendors, stock exchnages, information technology developers and private entities who are keen to be more exposed to the Egyptian financial market.

Yasser Al-Alaily is the CEO and MD at Egypt for Information Dissemination “EGID”, where Yasser is run EGID for the last two years. Mr. Alaily has more than 35 years of experience in the IT field, more than 23 years at the financial markets. He was the Minister Assistant for Information Technology, He was responsible of digital transformation of the Ministry. Mr. Alaily used to direct the IT departments in Financial Regulatory Authority “FRA” and Stock Exchange “EGX” earlier, he was responsible of installing, running, and maintain the Trading and surveillance systems among other management staff.