IPO Calendar


Announcement DateCompany NameExchange/MarketSectorPriceSharesExpected IPO DateOffer Amount


IPO DateISIN Company Name Exchange/MarketPriceSharesOffer AmountDemand
27.12.2023IRO1DTAM0008Datam Financial GroupTehran Stock Exchange1150 IRR1,000,000,0001,150,000,000,000 IRR1,193,392 subscribers
21.11-15.12.2023UZ7056921008JSC “Uzbekinvest”RSE “Toshkent”1000 UZS14,110,82014,110,820,000 UZS14,110,820,000 UZS
12.12-15.12.2023UZ7047110000JSC “Uzbektelecom”RSE “Toshkent”6000 UZS5,542,04633,252,276,000 UZS33,252,276,000 UZS
26.09-05.10.2023OM0000009072OQGNMuscat Stock Exchange0.140 OMR2,122,005,720287,980,000 OMR4,002,520,000 OMR
27-29.09.2023GRS533003000OPTIMA BANK S.A.Athens Stock Exchange / Main Market7.2 EUR/share73,694,142150,800,00075,979,179 shares
30.08.2023IRO1KRDN0007Kardan Investment BankTehran Stock Exchange / Second Market7080 IRR/share630,000,0007%4,790,632 million IRR
04.07.2023RO4Q0Z5RO1B6HidroelectricaBucharest Stock Exchange / Main MarketRON 104/share89,708,177RON 9,281,212,039 /  EUR 1,874,727,218On the retail tranche – Subscription – 478%
11.06.2023IRO1GMSH0001Shahr Financial GroupTehran Stock Exchange1840 IRR3.960.000.00012%2,228,479
05.04.2023IRO1PYPD0001 Pasargad Electronic PaymentTehran Stock Exchange5500 IRR360,000,00012%1,980,000 million (IRR)
09.03.2023OM0000008934ABRAJ Energy services Muscat Stock Exchange – Parallel Market0.249377,398,00094 million RO790 million RO


Announcement DateCompany NameExchange/MarketSectorPriceSharesExpected IPO DateOffer Amount
20.12.2023Datam Financial GroupTehran Stock ExchangeInvestments1.268-1.550 IRR1,000,000,00027.12.202310%
28.11.2023JSC “Uzbekinvest”RSE “Toshkent”Insurance1000-1500 uzbek sum14.1 mln15.12.20235%
02.11.2023JSC “Uzbektelecom”RSE “Toshkent”Telecom6000-10000 uzbek sum5 542 04615.12.20232%
20.09.2023OPTIMA BANK S.A.Athens Stock ExchangeBanking7.2 euro21,000,00027/09 – 29/09151,200,000 euro
05.09.2023OQGNMuscat Stock ExchangeOil & Gas
(Drilling & Services)
Category I Subscription:
131-140 bzs per offer share
Category II Subscription: Discounted Maximum Price 10% 126 Bzs per offer share
49%Category I Offer Period:
26/09 – 09/10
Category II Offer Period:
26/09 – 05/10
Category I Subscription:
Category II Subscription: 636,601,716 shares
28.08.2023 Kardan Investment BankTehran Stock ExchangeAuxiliary activities to intermediary financial institutions7,080-5,800 IRR630,000,0007%
06.06.2023HidroelectricaBucharest Stock Exchange / Regulated MarketRenewable energy producerMinimum: RON 94/share   Maximum RON 112/share78,007,110Start: June 23 | End: July 417.34%
06.06.2023Shahr Financial GroupTehran Stock ExchangeInvestment Company1506-1840 IRR3.960.000.00011/06/202312%
04.05.2023Agricover HoldingBucharest Stock Exchange / Regulated MarketAgribusinessResult: Not Priced

(Maximum RON 0.5/share
    Retail investors subscribe at the maximum RON 0.5/share
    Institutional investors subscribe at any price, with a maximum RON 0.5/share)
833,333,333 offered for sale (277,777,778 new shares and  555,555,555 existing shares)
Start: May 4
End: May 16
Priced at the maximum price (RON 0.5/share), RON 416,666,666 (EUR 84,519,994;  Official exchange rate published by National Bank of Romania is RON/EUR – 4.9298)
16.02.2023ABRAJ Energy servicesMuscat Stock ExchangeOil & Gas
(Drilling & Services)
Category I Subscription:
0.242 RO to 0.249 RO
Category II Subscription: Discounted Maximum Price of 0.224 RO
49%Category I Offer Period:
20/02 – 02/03
Category II Offer Period:
20/02 – 01/03