Bekzod Usmonov

Chairman of the Board

Address 107 Mustaqillik Ave, Tashkent 100170
Telephone +998 71 267-18-71
Contact Person Dmitriy Neudachin

FEAS Membership Status Full Member


    Achievement of a strategic objective requires the performance of the following tasks:

    Introduction in the practice of the organization of securities trade of Uniform programmatically — a technical complex, according to the Resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan from March 19, 2012 No. PP-1727 ‘About measures for further development of the stock market’;
    increase in the number of the most financial and stable companies included in official exchange listing, not less than 200 units;
    increase in a share of an exchange turn in a total volume of the stock market and the reduction of an off-exchange turnover,
    increase in a shares which are in free circulation by ensuring existence and availability on the stock market, first of all for a general population, a necessary resource of securities;
    transition to electronic document flow during the processing and registration of exchange transactions on the basis of Uniform programmatically — the technical complex allowing to lower transaction expenses at commission of exchange transactions and to hold the repeated auction during one working session;
    ensuring electronic interaction with members of the exchange and a gradual transition to the organization of trade in the Internet trading mode;
    creation of additional mechanisms of protection of interests of investors at transactions with securities in the stock market by introduction of recommendations of the Korean stock exchange and transition to 100% deposition of money and term of payment under the perfect transaction of T + 2;
    further increase in transparency of the stock market by transition and formation of the reports of the issuers included in official exchange listing in an electronic form and reflected in the official site of the exchange.

    Shareholder CategoryShare in the authorized capital
    1State Assets Management Agency508 789 063
    2Korean Stock Exchange254 394 530
    3JS Commercial Bank «Asaka»6,251 098 633
    4JS Commercial People’s bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan6,251 098 633
    5JS Commercial Bank «O’ZSANOATQURILISHBANK»6,251 098 633
    6National Bank for Foreign Econonomic Activity of the Republic of Uzbekistan6,251 098 633
    Total10017 578 125

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