Iran Fara Bourse held the Annual General Assembly Meeting fully online with “Didar Platform”, an in-house developed solution.

Tuesday, 20 July 2021


Iran Fara bourse Annual General Meeting for the fiscal year ending in 2021 March 20th, was held on Saturday. Mohammad Javad salami, the IFB’s chairman of the board, managed the meeting.

The meeting was held fully online through DIDAR Platform, Iran Fara Bourse in-house solution.

Over 62% of shareholders participated through DIDAR and voted online. Just 10 of Iran Fara Bourse’s major shareholders attend the meeting in person, which also voted electronically.

“Iran Fara Bourse is the first listed company in Iran who held the assembly fully electronic and over 1,180 individual and institutional investors connected from all over the country. These participants posed the number of 1,746,430,458 shares from the whole 2,800,000,000 shares. Last year only 400 investor participated the meeting via electronic platform. Fortunately, this year we facilitated the situation to host more in DIDAR and 1180 investors participated in. DIDAR is our dedicated platform for holding annual meetings completely comply with regulations and legal procedures of investors’ rights. Meeting streaming, real-time voting mechanisms of the minutes and decisions and considering the compliancy of legal procedures are the main features of DIDAR.” Said Hamed Nikkar, Head of Investor Relations.

Iran Fara Bourse’s CEO Amir Hamooni gave his speech for the performance of the year to shareholders in the meeting. Below is covered in brief.

Iran Fara Bourse’s CEO Amir Hamooni gave his speech for the performance of the year to shareholders in the meeting. Below is covered in brief.

– 2,007 IRR EPS for the year was realized;

– In the fiscal year ending 2021 March 20th, the market capitalization of Iran Fara Bourse realized over 19,000 trillion IRR. 175% growth YOY;

– The total value of trades at Iran Fara Bourse beat an excellent record of 17,000 trillion IRR, 446% growth YOY;

– Iran Fara Bourse raised funds 2,220 billion IRR;

– 19 IPO in the First and Second market;

– 2 IPO in the SME market;

– Intellectual properties registration continued and it is now 383 in the list;

– 14 companies admitted in UTP Market;

– Issuance of 1 Corporate Murabaha Sukuk;

– Issuance of 1 Corporate Ijarah Sukuk;

– Issuance of 1 Manfa’at Sukuk;

– Issuance of 1 Mortgage Back Sukuk;

– Issuance of 4 Ijarah sukuk;

– Issuance of 53 state General Murabah Sukuk;

– Issuance of 14 Islamic Treasury Bills,

– Subscription of 4 Venture Capital units, 1 Private Equity, 6 Exchange Traded Funds;

– 5 Crowdfunding platform received the license and started their activity this year.

Events of the Year

– Iran Fara Bourse Sukuk Index (SINDEX) released;

– Issuing Sukuks Rely on Credit Rating in Debt Market for the first time in Iran;

– IFB initiated a crowdfunding campaign to combat the COVID-19 outbreak for the Ministry of Health and Medical Education;

– Iran Fara Bourse’s internet television, WACHAR, started to work;

– A ranking mechanism for listing advisors was launched.

The extraordinary general meeting also was held, and a 150% capital raise was resolved. 111% (3,100 billion IRR) from retained earning, 39% (1,100 billion IRR) from the precautionary reserve.