Iran Fara Bourse Negotiation Trades Board to launch

Tuesday, 28 April 2020


“In line with article 36, Law of Country Development Plan’s Permanent Decrees concerning public joint-stock companies registration in the stock exchange, Negotiation Trade Board is established in the Third market. IFB’s Third Market negotiation Board will host newly registered PJS companies or companies which haven’t been listed on Iran Fara Bourse or Tehran Stock Exchange before with clean delisting history.” Behnam Mohseni, EVP, Chief of Alternatives Markets said. Trades in this new board will be executed based on a quote-driven method whereupon prices are not matched automatically rather they are executed through the deal between buyer and seller. Investors register their transfer application of stock and right options in the broker station, then the broker chooses counterpart to execute the order. Online Trading also is not available on this board. However, some companies with the above-mentioned condition, due to the specific shareholder composition will be traded in the UTP market by the decision of IFB Admission Committee. To review the UTP market, trades are based on the auction and are matched automatically. Behnam Mohseni also reminds that Iran Fara Bourse Board of Directors will accordingly decide about details of volatility, trading days, order volume, and so forth in the following days. Notifications will be released soon after approvals.