Iran Fara Bourse: Shareholders Approve 99 IRR Dividend Per Share and Elect New Board Members

Tuesday, 21 June 2022


Iran Fara Bourse general assembly of the fiscal year 1400 (2021-2022) was held on 07 June. Shareholders approved financial statements. Besides, shareholders elected and approved a new external audit firm Bayat Rayan.

Over 67% of the shareholders participated in the meeting.

In the recent fiscal year, Iran Fara Bourse raised funds for the applicants over 1,898,600 billion IRR mainly due to new admitted companies and Islamic Treasury securities, 47% and 42%, respectively.

Iran Fara Bourse finished the fiscal year with a record of 17,360 billion IRR market capitalization.

“IFB took unprecedented steps to facilitate crowdfunding regulations and to develop derivatives market. Moreover, our critical policy is to develop current ETFs and list various new ones.

Diversification is our core stone.” said CEO Fadaee.

Events of the Year

  • Five fixed-income ETFs were listed in our market
  • The two biggest football clubs (Sorkhabi) were admitted and underwritten to our UTP market
  • First Iranian start-up listed to our Main market, Second-board
  • Seven crowdfunding platform received their license and raised money
    In the 1400 fiscal year, 38 companies were listed, 16 companies admitted, and 15 companies publicly offered to the Main market (First and Second boards).

Iran Fara Bourse realized 2,360 billion IRR and 14,020 billion IRR as operating income and operating profit, respectively.

Iran Fara Bourse’s new major shareholders for the eighth round of the board are listed below:

Arzesh Afarinan Pasargad

Mellat Financial Group

Saba Tamin Brokerage co.

Omid Investment Group

Tehran Stock Exchange

Central Securities Depository of Iran (CSDI)

Iranian Institutional Investor Association