Iran Fara Bourse : Why Iran?

Friday, 13 November 2015

CEO Message
Benefiting from diverse markets that span equities, sukuk, intellectual property, etc; Iran Fara Bourse as one of the two stock exchanges in Iran is uniquely positioned to enhance corporate value, build public trust and help companies to embark on fundraising. Securitization of all types of assets along with efficient allocation of resources toward greater transparency is our mission.
I recognize the current tough situation due to the economic pitfalls hanging over the industries listed at equity market. However, I see an economic momentum and a bright future ahead with many potential investment opportunities enticing international investors.
IFB offers a wide range of products, including equity, sukuk, certificate of deposit, mortgage rights, exchange-traded fund, exchange-traded construction fund, Islamic treasury bills and intellectual property. Though, our exchange is mostly known for its lucrative initial public offerings and debt market.
IFB is also willing to offer strategic Cooperation with stock exchanges across the globe in various areas such as trading infrastructure, financial instrument development and market data.
Considering enormous natural resources, Iran – as one of the world’s untapped markets – has many attractive investment opportunities. IFB, as a fully regulated gateway, is trying to facilitate the foreign investment process.