Iran Mercantile Exchange: A Link between Financial Sector and Real Sector of the Economy

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

On the sidelines of the opening ceremony of the 11th round of International Exhibition of Exchange, Bank and Insurance (FINEX 2018), CEO of Iran Mercantile Exchange stated that at this year’s exhibition, the pillars and different institutions of the capital market will provide their latest advancements to market participant and enthusiasts, like a financial supermarket, and FINEX is a great opportunity to provide services based on culture and education.
According to the report by the IME’s International Affairs and PR, Hamed Soltaninejad added that risk and return are two concepts that are neglected by our economic culture. Hence, the use of financial instruments to hedge risks as well as getting return should be taught at the exhibition; in this context, workshops on derivative contracts will be provided to enthusiasts through virtual software in the IME’s booth.

CEO of IME stated that Iran Mercantile Exchange is an institution that links the real sector of the economy and the financial sector. The market participants in the commodity sector of the real economy are suffering from shortcomings that the IME can introduce them new solutions through its financial and intellectual tools.

Soltaninejad commented on the role of IME in supporting Iranian goods and said that the exchange has provided an opportunity for industry activists and producers to be able to distinguish between a high quality and low quality product. As a result, more and better Iranian goods are being welcomed and prices will be discovered fairly and truly.

He added: “Therefore, the mechanism of the IME will be a double incentive for higher-quality production, and, on the other hand, price discovery based on supply and demand system is another mission of IME that is attractive to manufacturers.

At the end CEO of IME said: “Creating transparency and competition along with proper supply of raw materials for producers is one of the main goals and characteristics of the trade in the IME. In this regard, this year, we will attempt to provide a reliable basis for upstream and downstream industries to experience a booming period in their production, support Iranian goods to be the first option of the people, and help to increase the employment rate in the year 1397 Hijri”.