Iraq SE Future Outlook

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

  • Organize (232) trading sessions in average of five sessions weekly, and supervised and accurate trading dealings according to rules and electronic trading instructions and disclosure about transactions according to the effected ratios and Special orders.
  •  Daily publishes of tickers on ISX Website during trading sessions which has been started in December 2011.
  •  Issuing (232) end-of-session daily reports and twelve monthly reports on ISX Website in addition to publishing listed companies guide and financial statements.
  •  End-of-session prices published by Bloomberg and Thomson Routers starting from January 2012.
  •  Monitoring, surveillance of trading limitations using Cap Formula T+0. Which is supposed to be changed to new Clearing and Settlement Cap Formula T+2 instead of current formula T+ 0 after the ISC approval of the Custodian Banks regulations.
  • Inspection plans for all brokerage firms to check files and documents integrity.
  • Electronic trading support for Al-Rabee Brokerage branch in Erbil and Sulimaniya. Erbil branch started electronic trading through ISX system since May, 2011. However, Iraq Stock exchange will support any brokerage firms planning to have branches in other governorates.
  • Encouraging the non-listed companies to be listed in ISX.
  • Invite new firms and select the best five for 2012 to be licensed as brokerage firms.
  • Upgrade ISX electronic trading system to new advanced version from OMX NASDAQ.
  • Represent Iraq Stock Exchange in relevant conferences locally and globally.
  •  Holding workshops to educate and encourage investment in ISX.