ISE puts Automated Disclosure Platform into operation for electronic posting of company disclosures

Thursday, 11 June 2009

ISE puts “Automated Disclosure Platform” into operation for electronic posting of company disclosures

Effective as of June 1, 2009, ISE introduced the “Automated Disclosure Platform”, which is an electronic system enabling the companies traded on the ISE to release any information, required to be publicly disclosed in compliance with the respective legislation, using Internet and electronic signature technologies. Accordingly, the investors and parties interested in the capital markets can easily access the company disclosures through Internet on

The system allows all users to have access to both the current and the past disclosures of a traded company as well as current announcements and up-to-date general information about all traded companies concurrently and timely, and to inquire basic comparisons or analysis among companies.

The platform was developed jointly by the Capital Markets Board of Turkey, ISE and the Scientific & Technological Research Council of Turkey and the system is operated and managed by ISE.

For the time being, the website serves only in Turkish. However, work on the construction of a website in English is continued.