Islamic Development Bank’s Sukuks (Lease Certificates) to be introduced for Trading on Borsa İstanbul

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

For the 1st time in its history, Borsa İstanbul introduces the sukuk of an international financial institution for trading on its Debt Securities Outright Purchases and Sales Market, among qualified investors. The sukuk are expected to play a significant role in making İstanbul an international financial center.

6 sukuk of various maturities until September 2019, worth US$ 6 billion and 50 million, issued by the IDB will start being traded on Debt Securities Outright Purchases and Sales Market on November 28, 2014. The sukuk are rated AAA and Aaa by international credit rating agencies and are currently traded on London Stock Exchange, Bursa Malaysia and NASDAQ Dubai. With a stake of 6.5%, Turkey is among the 56 shareholders of the IDB.