Monday, 31 December 2007





        A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the Istanbul Stock Exchange and the Shanghai Stock Exchange in October 2007 in order to facilitate the development of channels of communication which will foster a continuing relationship between the two parties for the mutual benefit of the securities markets in both countries.


        The Istanbul Stock Exchange, as the coordinator of the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) Member States Stock Exchanges Forum, which is a platform to reinforce the cooperation among the participating stock exchanges, will host the second Forum Meeting and the Working Committee meetings during the first half of 2008.


        As part of its strategic plan for the upcoming years, the Istanbul Stock Exchange is planning to increase the number of public offerings through a number of activities in 2008. Within the context of this project, a series of seminars are planned to be organized across the country in cooperation with the local Chambers of Commerce and/or Industry in order to increase the awareness among the companies about public offerings; the benefits and procedures.  As the second stage, consultancy units will be established at the Chambers of Commerce and/or Industry of every city, which will  inform the companies on public offerings without any charge. The training of the personnel of these units will be given by the Istanbul Stock Exchange. Finally, in order to provide assistance to companies planning to go public with the public offering procedure, ISE Traded Company Nominees Club will be founded which will be a platform where companies already trading on the ISE will exchange their public offering experience with non-public companies and various meetings /forums will be organized with the attendance of other market actors (public institutions, intermediaries, domestic and international institutional investors).


        Work towards trading of warrants on the the Istanbul Stock Exchange is being carried out in coordination with the Capital Markets Board (CMB) of Turkey. In this regard, CMB will develop the regulation of warrant trading and the ISE will determine on the listing and trading principles.  The work carried out is planned to be accomplished during 2008.